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About SCA Auditing Services  Program
SCA provides professional audits of member operations to ensure member internal controls exist, are adequate and compliant with State and Local laws, as well as SCA expectations. SCA audit reports also provide State and Local officials “evidence” of member operations which result in reduced “oversight” and the duplication of audit activities. See Sample Documentation Tab for a sample SCA Audit Report.

About SCA Cannabis Safety & Quality Testing Services Program
SCA works to assure Seattle cannabis patients are getting safe high quality medical grade cannabis and cannabis related products when they receive a cannabis products from any SCA member.

The "SCA Cannabis Safety & Quality Testing Services Program" has set the following standard for it's members medical grade cannabis:

All cannabis and cannabis related products will be [or use] medical grade cannabis that has been “sample” tested to ensure appropriate medicinal characteristics and standards are met.

SCA offers its members cannabis testing services as a independent [non-conflicted] third party  tester. SCA certifies, inspects and tests medical grade cannabis "samples" to ensure the quality of the cannabis product meets specific standards and is appropriate for those with a terminal or debilitating medical condition. Our cannabis testing services assure Washington State licensed healthcare providers, that they can have confidence in recommending cannabis to their patients knowing that quality control measures have been implemented and are being monitored. This in our opinion provides a degree of assurance to our members [and their patients] that the services and products they provide are safe and meet accepted community standards.

The purpose of SCA Cannabis Safety & Quality Testing Services Program is to: promote the safety of cannabis products and alleviate patient and community concerns regarding the potency and medicinal properties of medical grade cannabis. Further, in response to Washington State Department of Health concerns, SCA created its Cannabis Safety & Quality Testing Services Program to promote and emphasize - Safety through Standards and routine testing of random cannabis caregivers and cannabis cultivation facilities.

All Seattle medical cannabis patients should look for the SCA  **CertifiedCannabisSafeTM** label when selecting their medicine. 

SCA is committed to ensuring qualified cannabis patients have access to a clean, safe, and consistent supply of medical grade cannabis. Our testing services are meant to provide peace of mind to the patient and confidence to licensed healthcare professionals that the agreed course of action [medical cannabis recommendation] is safe.  

We at SCA test our member’s cannabis and cannabis products using a mobile GC chromatograph, which allows us to go to a member’s location and sample test their cannabis and provide a thorough Microscopic Safety Inspection  and  THC-CBD-CBN GC Chromatographic Analysis of their cannabis products [inhalants, edibles, tincture, oils, tea’s, baked goods etc]. Our testing approach reduces our member’s risk regarding sample transportation and avoids the use of any hazardous materials used and/or the disposal of any hazardous chemical waste products by our technicians. Harmful levels of pesticides in cannabis have not been established by the FDA. However, every SCA member Grower supplier has agreed to not use any harmful pesticides in their cannabis cultivation.                                                                                                         Pesticide, Fungicide and Microbiological Screening and Moisture Content Analysis will be considered once harmful pesticide levels are established either by the FDA, the Cannabis Industry or the Washington State Department of Agriculture. We at SCA make every attempt to ensure our testing and testing methods are "appropriate" to the size and scope of our member operations.

SCA is demonstrating it's members are making every “reasonable” effort to scientifically test their cannabis products to established community standards on a continuous and routine basis. We believe SCA’s Cannabis Safety & Quality Testing Services Program provides our members, their patients, State Agencies and the City of Seattle assurance SCA Member cannabis products are safe and meet established City of Seattle “community” standards.

For more information, please contact us.

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About SCA Compassion Charity Care Program
Every SCA member contributes to the public good and supports Seattle charities by volunteering their time and donating resources. As part of SCA membership every SCA member contributes to local charities to benefit Seattle’s economy. SCA is in the process of expanding its Compassion Charity Care Program to include No cost  "Medical Recommendations" from participating Licensed Healthcare providers for those individuals within the Seattle community who are unable to afford the cost of a "Medical Recommendation".

About SCA Educational Program 
SCA is proud of the growing number of SCA members who are “setting up” Medical Cannabis Information and Resource Centers that are based on the SCA Business Model [SCA Member Self-Governance]. The positive impact of providing information, resources and training, through a community based Medical Cannabis Information and Resource Center Kiosk, has been demonstrated over and over again.

SCA On-line Training                                                                                           SCA’s On-line Training Program provides education, training and resources to individuals who provide services under Washington’s medical marijuana law, Chapter 69.51A RCW. Course participants include licensed healthcare providers, attorneys, accountants, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, city council members, health inspectors, agricultural inspectors and legislators who are encouraged to participate via SCA’s on-line courses [Courses currently being developed].

Participants may attend these classes at no cost. This policy serves as the foundation of SCA community and network. However, "advanced" fee based courses are being developed. In addition to on-line courses, the SCA Training Program provides internships and volunteer opportunities.   

SCA On-Line Courses   Following is a brief description of proposed SCA On-Line Courses:

A Detailed Study of Washington’s medical marijuana law, Chapter 69.51A RCW
The cornerstone of the SCA Training Program. This class covers the width and breath of Washington’s Medical Marijuana law in light of RCW Chapter 69.51A: Washington’s Medical Marijuana law, the Attorney General’s Guidelines, Prosecuting Attorney’s Instructions [and relevant Court rulings], Local law enforcement recommendations and recent “lessons learned”.
This class emphasizes the importance in laying the foundation for providing services legally and safely under RCW Chapter 69.51A. This class provides participants, an extraordinary amount of current, relevant and accurate information, opportunities and resources.

State Enforcement Briefing on the RCW Chapter 69.51A
Washington State Health Department, Department of Agriculture, Seattle Chief of Police and Seattle City Prosecutor expressed their interest in having informational briefings for enforcement officers regarding qualified patients and primary caregivers under Washington’s Medical Marijuana regulation.
This briefing for Health Inspectors, Agricultural Inspectors, Prosecuting Attorneys and Law Enforcement officers provides information every enforcement officer should know when interacting with medical cannabis patients and their service providers.

Starting a Collective or Medical Marijuana Business
This class provides a comprehensive overview of establishing and operating a “Collective” under RCW Chapter 69.51A

SCA Orientation for “Licensed Healthcare providers” under RCW Chapter 69.51A
Licensed Healthcare provider orientation provides all of the information, forms and documents required for any Licensed Healthcare provider to provide an recommendation for a patient’s use of cannabis. The Orientation covers Federal law, Medical Board guidelines, the business practice of medicine as it applies to Licensed Healthcare providers specializing in medicinal cannabis consultations, legal management services, insurance, third party liability protection, the trade name registrations, etc and describe what every  Licensed Healthcare provider needs to know regarding RCW Chapter 69.51A

SCA Business Model [Self-Governance Program]
The SCA Business Model to Operate a Medical Cannabis Collective from a Storefront Location in Washington State. The objective of this class is to demonstrate the SCA Business Model [Self-Governance] that has proved to be successful in obtaining community “acceptance” regarding a Cannabis business providing services to its patients from a storefront location.

Cannabis Cultivation
SCA Cultivation class examines the pros and cons of the different types of cultivation systems in light of the participant’s yield objective, work space and pocketbook.

Cannabis Infused Products: Standards for Production, Packaging and Labeling
This class teaches the methods of extracting THC and cannabinoids from the plant in order to produce non-smoked cannabis infused products including tinctures, ointments, and edibles. Other topics include Washington Health requirements, product standardization, FDA labeling requirements, packaging, cost of producing the product, product insurance, the production facility and how the product is legally distributed to patients under RCW Chapter 69.51A

If you are currently involved in the Cannabis industry, thinking of starting a cannabis business, or support cannabis  commerce, consider becoming a SCA member. Please**CLICKHERE**for more information or to make a donation.          Get Involved! Join the  SCA! 

**CLICKHERE** For information on our PATIENT COMPLAINT HOTLINE  [Seattle Cannabis Patient Complaint Hotline 1.888.63.SafeCannabis]