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SCA Standards
SCA stands for quality, integrity, knowledge, accountability and setting high standards. SCA has developed a set of standards that raise the bar for Seattle’s cannabis community. As a SCA member appropriate standards will be tailored to your business and membership type.

SCA Self-Governance Program Pledge [Commitment, Accountability & Transparency]
We have developed the SCA Pledge in conjunction with SCA Self-Governance Program to alleviate SCA member concerns about State and Local non-compliance. Pledge companies commit to implementing a comprehensive, integrated quality management system based upon member resources and the appropriate “flow down” of State and Local requirements [regulations, guidelines and recommendations], the correct interpretation of requirements, and the timely implementation and monitoring  of internal controls to ensure member operations eliminate the risk of non-compliance.

SCA’s Self-Governance program goal is to alleviate non-compliance concerns by SCA members, their patients and community officials. SCA members who Pledge commit to implement quality control measures which ensure their operations are conducted at the highest ethical levels and thereby eliminate the risk of non-compliance with  State and Local laws and SCA standards and expectations.  See Sample Documentation Tab of a sample Self-Governance Control Systems Diagram. 

SCA Enforcement: SCA conducts routine inspections, tests and audits of its members to ensure SCA standards and expectations are understood, implemented and are working.

Disclaimer: SCA assumes no responsibility for a member's failure to comply with its pledge. Member signatories are solely responsible to honor their pledges. SCA however, provides the necessary tools, standards and testing required to demonstrate safe, effective, efficient and compliant business practices. It is a member’s responsibility to live up to its pledge commitment and ensure the necessary resources exist to properly carry out their business objectives.

For more information, please see the SCA Pledge Statement under Sample Documentation Tab.  

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