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SCA Membership Services

SCA Membership
SCA offers Three types of membership [Executive, Associate and Supporting] which allows any individual or cannabis related business service provider the opportunity to join a association that is based upon “community values” [Safe, Accessible, Responsible and Ethical] and ensuring quality products and services are provided in a ethical manner consistent with State, Local and SCA values and expectations.

Membership Benefits
Joining SCA includes numerous benefits:

Supporting members                                                                                             Printed copy of the THCLIST.COM directory
Member only email newsletter with special reports
SCA **logo** window sticker
SCA bumper sticker
Permission to post the SCA member logo on your premises and Web site
Ability to participate in the SCA and social networking activities                    Discounts on SCA member merchandise and services
Rewards for new member referrals

Associate members [All of the above benefits plus]
Discounts on SCA Programs and Cannabis Testing services                           Free SCA Self-Governance and Cannabis Testing Consultation
Complementary Cannabis Profile Analysis for any new member who provides medical cannabis and/or medical cannabis products [i.e. Edibles, oils, Tinctures, teas etc]                                                                              SCA Committee participation and eligibility to vote in committee elections

Executive members only [All of the above benefits plus]                  
*SCA Complementary Self-Governance  Business Model  planning,  implementation and monitoring
* Merchant Services tailored for Seattle’s cannabis and business providers that include [but are not limited to]:
Cannabis business banking services                                                          Legal Referrals
Turn-Key Point of Sale Solutions [Cash register Hardware/Software, Inventory & Accounting system integration]
Credit Card processing
Cannabis Industry Advertising & Marketing services
Financial Management Services [i.e. Accounting, Bookkeeping & IRS/Tax reporting]
Cannabis business Insurance for Seattle’s Collectives, Cooperatives, Networks & Growers                                                                                           * Voting privileges in SCA Committee elections
* Opportunity to participate in the Self-Governance Steering Committee  and SCA marketing and lobbying programs
* Opportunity to participate with SCA Public Relations team to educate the media about the benefits and growth of Washington State cannabis industry
* Opportunities to speak at SCA and other cannabis related trade events       * Ability to send products to display and sample at SCA booth at trade shows and cannabis events
* Opportunity to have a SCA Featured Member profile in the The   SCA Member Newsletter or in The Washington State Cannabis News Update [or similar publication]
                                                                                                        * Executive members only

Executive member dues for individuals and businesses begin at $2,500 annually or a $250 monthly pledge. This premium membership plan includes eligibility to serve on the SCA Self-Governance Steering Committee, vote in committee appointments, access to exclusive industry events, high-profile listing in association materials and all of the features listed above.

Associate member dues for individuals and businesses begin at $1,000 annually or a $100 monthly pledge. This preferred membership plan grants eligibility to participate in SCA committee activities, SCA and SCA member discounts and all of the features indicated above.

Supporting member dues for individuals and businesses begin at $500 annually or a $50 monthly pledge. This is a basic membership plan that includes  representation for your business, promotional listing in association materials, eligibility for SCA member discounts and all of the features indicated above.

Member benefits are listed above, but items with *asterisk are for SCA Executive members only.

Periodically visit our website for our special promotions that could prove helpful in helping you achieve your business goals. Join SCA Now! 

SCA Member Application
Email us sca@seattlecannabisassociation.com or Call us 206.372.3857 to request a  SCA Membership **Application** and to be considered for membership.

Termination of Membership
Members may be terminated by resignation, 90 days lapse in dues and/or failure to abide by SCA expectations.

We partner with businesses who support the cannabis industry.               If you are currently involved in the Cannabis industry, thinking of starting a cannabis business, or support cannabis commerce, consider becoming a SCA member. Get Involved! Join SCA!

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**CLICKHERE** For information on our PATIENT COMPLAINT HOTLINE  [Seattle Cannabis Patient Complaint Hotline 1.888.63.SafeCannabis]