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About Us

SCA Board, Committees & Staff
SCA is run by a Board of Directors, who in conjunction with Advisors have established several “focus” Committees.  SCA is staffed by "proven" professionals and has a Executive Director Director E.R. Young.

Our Advisors are volunteers with intimate knowledge of: the Washington State legislative process; Washington State Healthcare policy; City of Seattle governance and enforcement; Cannabis Industry practices; and Self-Governance compliance testing.

Board of Directors & Advisor
[SCA is currently in the process of appointing several Board Members and a Self-Governance Advisor].

SCA Committees
[SCA has identified several committees which coordinate the activities and decision making with regards to standards development. SCA is currently in the process of appointing several interim Committee Chairmans for the following committees]

Self-Governance Steering Committee
Cannabis Patient Rights Committee
Cannabis Education & Certification
Cannabis Provider & Quality Testing Committee 
Community Relations Committee
Licensed Healthcare Provider Committee 
Healthcare Facility Initiative Committee                                                      

ABOUT THE LAW                                                                                  Anyone providing cannabis products and services to qualifying patients with a debilitating or terminal medical condition within the City of Seattle should be aware of the following laws, regulations, guidelines, recommendations and standards: 

Washington State Marijuana Act
Washington Non-profit status requirements
Washington State Tax revenue requirements
City of Seattle Business requirements

Federal Marijuana Law Enforcement Guidelines
Washington State Medical Association [WSMA] principles of Medical Ethics
Medical Quality Assurance Commission’s recommendations regarding Medical Marijuana - State Regulation and Enforcement
American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] and the Seattle Police Department [SPD] instructions for enforcing the Washington Medical Marijuana Act
The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission [COSO] Internal Control over Financial Reporting – Guidance for Smaller Public Companies

United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program [USDA NOP] 2010-2011 Standards for Public Health in Washington State                          International Organization for Standardization [ISO] 9001 for Small Businesses                                                                                         SCA STANDARDS and BEST PRACTICES                                                        SCA’s Self-Governance Control System Model [Best Practices] - Risk, Control, Compliance, Procurement, Ethics, Safety, Testing, Quality Care, Medical Cannabis Treatment and Products. 

Special interest to Licensed Healthcare Providers and those providing related Cannabis products [i.e. Edibles etc] within the City of Seattle:

US Department of Health & Human Services Guidance Regarding Patient Safety and Patient Safety Act of 2005
American Medical Association [AMA] Ethics and Quality Care Practice Guidelines                                                                                             US Food & Drug Administration [FDA] and US Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act [FDCA] Regulations & Guidelines

Current status of the following bills [Information is provided for discussion purposes only] 

New legislation in the works SB 5955 - 2011-12 Concerning the medical use of cannabis.                                                                                                                                    
Prior Bills                                                                                              SB 5073 - 2011-12 Concerning the medical use of cannabis. Governor signed Apr 29, 2011 Effective date: 7/22/2011
Apr 26, 2011 By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status:  Compainion Bill: HB 1100 - 2011 -12                                                          SB 5598 - 2011-12 Regulating the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis.
Companion Bill: HB 1550 - 2011-12

PROPOSED ENFORCEMENT                                                                                     Washington State Department of Health [DOH]
*Office of Investigation and Inspection
*Medical Quality Assurance Commission
Washington State Department of Agriculture [WSDA]
*Licenses, Permits, Certifications
*Consumer Protection
*Weights & Measures [Testing]
*Compliance Services
*Food Safety Program                                                                            City of Seattle                                                                                     *City of Seattle Revenue and Consumer Protection Division

SCA is a trade association that also considers itself a independent non-conflicting “component patient safety organization” that strives to meet certain criteria of Washington State Medical Association [WSMA], and  The Office for Civil Rights [OCR], US Food & Drug Administration [FDA], and The Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality [AHRQ], agencies within the US Department of Health and Human Services  [HHS].

If you are currently involved in the Cannabis industry, thinking of starting a cannabis business, or support cannabis commerce, consider becoming a SCA member. Please **CLICKHERE** for more information or to make a donation.

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